This set includes:


1x WW2 US Army Thompson Submachine Gun M1921 with box magazine

"Tommy Gun"

Custom weapon handcrafted by Brickssoldier


The Thompson submachine gun is an American submachine gun invented by John T. Thompson in 1918 which became infamous during the Prohibition era, being a signature weapon of various crime syndicates in the United States. It was a common sight in the media of the time, being used by both law enforcement officers and criminals. The Thompson submachine gun was also known informally as the "Tommy Gun", "Tôm Sông", "Annihilator", "Chicago Typewriter", "Chicago Submachine", "Chicago Piano", "Chicago Style", "Chicago Organ Grinder", "Trench Broom", "Trench Sweeper", "Drum Gun","The Chopper", and simply "The Thompson"


This set contains small parts and is not intended for childern under 3 years.

WW2 US Army Thompson Submachine Gun M1921 box magazine

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