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This set includes:


WW2 Polish Partisan 'Polish Farmers Battalions' (Bataliony Chłopskie)


- High quality 360° UV-printed torso (front only) and arms (Custom torso by Brickssoldier)

- Printed custom legs by FirestarToys

- Dedicated printed head by Brickssoldier (available only for this minifigure)

- MP40 Machine Gun

- Hat by BrickWarriorrs


Bataliony Chłopskie (BCh, Polish Farmers' Battalions) was a Polish World War II resistance movement, guerrilla and partisan organisation. The organisation was created in mid-1940 by the agrarian political party People's Party and by 1944 was partially integrated with the Armia Krajowa (Home Army). At its height, in summer 1944 the organisation had 160,000 members.


Initially after the occupation of Poland by the Soviet Union and Germany, the peasant parties were reluctant to forming their own armed resistance forces. Since mid-1940 several smaller groups were formed, mostly for self-defence of Polish peasants against German terror and economic policies. Most of members of peasant parties grouped into CKRL (Central Directorate of Peasant Movement) who received military training before the war were transferred to other armed resistance organizations, most notably to ZWZ.

However, in early 1941 it was decided that an armed force be created. The core of the newly formed BCh came from the earlier organization Chłostra (an acronym of Chłopska Straż - Farmers' Guard), as well as from other underground organizations of the farmers movement, such as Związek Młodzieży Wiejskiej (Association of Farming Youth), Chłopska Organizacja Wolności "Racławice" (Farmers' Freedom Organization "Racławice") and Centralny Związek Młodej Wsi "Siew" (Central Union of Village Youth "Sowing").


The main tasks of Bataliony Chłopskie were:

  • Defense of the peasants against German economic exploitation
  • Defense of peasants against expulsions
  • Self-defense against German terror
  • Aid to the expelled, Jews, the intelligentsia, and to the families of those enslaved by the Germans.


This set contains small parts and is not intended for childern under 3 years.

WW2 Polish Partisan 'Polish Farmers Battalions'

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