S-Type Bunker 'Light Machinegun Casemate S3'


This set includes:

1 x S-Type Bunker 'Light Machinegun Casemate S3'

Brickssoldier set designed in cooperation with Mini Custom Set, Italy.


Bunker is made of good quality non-Lego bricks (267 pcs) which are fully compatible with LEGO® and other leading brands. 

Minifigures are not included.


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Many synonyms are used all over the world to describe defensive military fortification. The Germans named it bunker, the British pill-box. The Dutch often used the name "kazemat" which was derived from the Italian "casamatta", which in itself came from Byzantine 'chasmata'. The latter literally means "crack" or "split", in modern Greek 'chasma'.

Light machinegun casemate [S-type or porcupine]

The casemates for light machineguns were projected in the so called casemate defence-lines, which were the Maas- and Ysselline, the Peel-Raamline and the Grebbelin.

The S-casemate was introduced in April 1939 . The S stands for "stekelvarken", Dutch for "porcupine". This name was related to the steel rods that stuck out of the construction in order to attach all kinds of camouflage at. Its design was almost an exact copy of a German machinegun position from WWI. 

The standard S-type had a 190° field of fire divided over three loopholes with an individual angle of 70°. The front-wall was formed by these three angled positions. The side-walls and back-wall were straight, the roof was flat. The three loop-holes could be covered by a hatch of 20 mm armoured steel. The loop-holes were constructed of heavy steel reinforced profiles, anchored in the concrete of the main-structure.

Usually these S-types were manned by three or four men and one light machinegun. The casemates were constructed with hardly any facilities. The S-types lacked an air exhausting system [for the gun fumes].

The S-type with three loop-holes [S3] became the most popular version of this casemate type, and was built in large numbers.

Source: http://www.waroverholland.nl


This set contains small parts and is not intended for childern under 3 years.

Bunker Light Machinegun Casemate S3

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