This set includes:


1x German Tiger Tank Muzzle Brake (Axle Connection)

Product exlusively designed for Brickssoldier by tinyveterans
3d printed and handpainted


A muzzle brake is a device that reduces the recoil force accompanying the firing of a gun, by deflecting part of the gas jet that follows the projectile from the barrel. This force, if transferred in raw form to the tank chassis, could move it enough to destroy the gunner's aim. In addition, the joint between turret and hull would have to be made much stronger than is the case if the turret were not to be detached from the hull. A hydraulic recoil mechanism was included in the Tiger 1 for spreading this impulse over a period of time and thus reducing the maximum force. The mechanism, located inside the turret on the sides of the gun, used a significant amount of the available space. The muzzle brake, by reducing the magnitude of the recoil force, limited the size of this mechanism. (Source:


This set contains small parts and is not intended for childern under 3 years.

Tiger Tank Muzzle Brake

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Tiger Muzzle Brake