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This set includes:

1x Patronenkasten 34 with Ammo (German MG 34/42 Steel Ammunition Can)

Product by Brickssoldier
3d printed and handpainted


The Patronenkasten 34 was developed to be a lightweight ammunition box to carry ammunition for the MG34. It was capable to carry 300 belted 7,92 mm rounds. The first models were manufactured in aluminium and was also produced in steel starting in 1938. The Patronenkasten 34 was well designed but had a complex design with a slanted lid and a clasp closure which often broke. In 1942 it was replaced by Patronenkasten 41.


Available in the following colors:

- Army Green Chipped

- Dark Grey Chipped

- DAK Chipped 


This set contains small parts and is not intended for childern under 3 years.

Patronenkasten 34 with Ammo

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Patronenkasten 34 with Ammo
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