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This set includes:


1x German Panzerschreck RPzB 54 Normandy Camo (Raketenpanzerbüchse 54) 

with 2 Rockets included


Panzerschreck air brush painted by Brickssoldier


Panzerschreck ("tank fright", "tank's fright" or "tank's bane") was the popular name for the Raketenpanzerbüchse 54 (abbreviated to RPzB 54), an 88 mm calibre reusable anti-tank rocket launcher developed by Nazi Germany in World War II. Another earlier, official common name was Ofenrohr ("stove pipe").

The Panzerschreck was designed as a lightweight infantry anti-tank weapon and was an enlarged copy of the American bazooka. The weapon was shoulder-launched and fired a fin-stabilized rocket with a shaped-charge warhead. It was made in smaller numbers than the Panzerfaust, which was a disposable recoilless gun firing an anti-tank warhead.


Minifigure and other accessories not included.


This set contains small parts and is not intended for childern under 3 years.

German Panzerschreck RPzB 54 Normandy Camo (Raketenpanzerbüchse 54)

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