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1 x Canada Commonwealth Flag (Canadian Red Ensign)


Made in USA by The Cape Cantine. Produced with high quality fabric.


The Canadian Red Ensign served as the civil ensign for Canada from 1892 to 1965, and as an informal flag of Canada from the late-19th century to 1965. The flag is a British red ensign, featuring the Union Jack in the canton, adorned with the shield of the coat of arms of Canada.

The Canadian Red Ensign emerged as an informal flag for Canada as early as the 1870s, although it did not see any official use until its adoption as Canada's civil ensign in 1892. The ensign was adorned with the arms of the Canadian provinces until 1921, when the Arms of Canada replaced the amalgamation of provincial arms on the ensign. In 1945, an Order in Council named the Canadian Red Ensign a "distinctive Canadian flag" to fly on governmental buildings. However, the ensign was never formally adopted as a national flag of Canada, with the Union Jack used as the formal flag of Canada until the Maple Leaf flag was adopted in 1965. The Maple Leaf flag also replaced the Canadian Red Ensign as the civil ensign of the country.


The ensign is the Red Ensign of the United Kingdom, embellished with the Arms of Canada as a shield in the bottom right quarter. The shield is divided into four quarters, consisting of the coats of arms of England, Scotland, Ireland and the Kingdom of France, the four founding nations of Canada. The first three quarters are the same as the Arms of the United Kingdom. At the base is a sprig of three maple leaves representing Canada. The leaves are described as proper, that is, the correct colour; it uses red and gold, the colour of the leaves in autumn, whereas earlier versions used green


This set contains small parts and is not intended for childern under 3 years.

Canada Commonwealth Flag (Canadian Red Ensign)

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